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The Rosewood Corporation

A series of websites for the Rosewood Corporation, a family owned company with investment property around the world, including Rosewood Court, and Rosewood Property.

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Services: Web Development, Print Design

In collaboration with web and graphic designer, Kaitlin Lamontagne and SoftMirage Inc, I was the developer for this website series. The Rosewood Corporation website series consists of the main Rosewood Corporation, Rosewood Court, and Rosewood Property. Each of these websites have similar design patterns, but I added some unique styling effects to each one to bring out their own personalities. Each website involved very intricate attention to varied font sizes and spacing. Rosewood Corporation and Court both featured a full width slideshow image on their home pages. I had to make sure that the appropriate portions of the images were showing upon various browser widths.

The Rosewood Series

The Rosewood Corporation
Rosewood Court
Rosewood Property