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Nikolay Grozev

A portfolio for an architectural 3D artist to showcase his creative renderings.

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Services: Branding/Identity, Web Design, Web Development, Content Management System

Nikolay is a freelance architectural 3D artist who needed an online portfolio to display his work to prospective clients. He wanted the website to have minimal text, a black and white color scheme, and wanted his art to be the main focus. On the home page, I split up the categories of his work into different sized grids to create organization, but also navigate away from being too uniform. His gallery pages showcase his work with large thumbnails and a lightbox with a slideshow of the project images when clicked on. Upon hover, the thumbnail shifts up, revealing the project title and short description on the bottom.

Nikolay also needed a way to update his own content on the site as new projects were completed. I created a custom content management system for him, so he could easily update his biography, contact info, projects, and even home page thumbnails.