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Matthew Lim Design

A portfolio for an industrial designer boasting his various product designs and concepts.

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Services: Web Development, Content Management System

Matt designed the home page of his portfolio website and asked me to develop it for him. He also asked me to help him come up with other solutions to showcase his work. His design is very simple, and his work is displayed as a large, very long image illustrating the timeline of his design process. I decided to make his projects come up in a light box that housed the long image. The lightbox stays in the center of the screen, filling the width of the screen, while the image can still be scrolled horizontally within the lightbox, without extending the actual browser window. This was purposely done so the home page will always show through the overlay, which includes his name/logo that stays visible in the top left of the page - even when his project is scrolled through.

Matt also needed a way to update his portfolio once he completes a new project. I designed and developed a content management system for him, where he could seamlessly add projects to his site and classify them under his two different categories. He could also update the photos and text in his About Me section.