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Jenny & Company

An online jewelry store providing current styles at affordable prices and great quality in a young girl’s constant pursuit of finding that “special something."

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Services: Branding/Identity, Web Design, Web Development, Print Design, E-Commerce Integration

Jenny & Company is a small jewelry store housed in the quaint hills of Fullerton, CA. Jenny needed an online store to reach out and sell her handmade jewelry and small pet accessories to a specific target audience with a website online.

Jenny & Company also needed a logo and color scheme. I created her logo as a ribboned "J" with a heart at the hook of the "J" to target her young, female audience. She requested a teal color as part of the color scheme to attract fans of Tiffany & Co., but of course her jewelry is marketed as more affordable and great quality. I chose to add a gold accent to complement the coolness of the teal, with the gold giving a warmer tone throughout the website. Page by page, I really wanted her images to be in the spotlight. This is displayed on the home page - minimal content to bring focus to the slideshow, and the category pages that do not have much text, but instead act as a gallery.

To integrate the ease of the e-commerce process, I used an open source framework called OpenCart. OpenCart provided an easy and flexible way to manage the site's checkout process and inventory system for Jenny to update her products.

Apart from development and web work, I also designed and printed business cards and a logo stamp for Jenny to package with her shipped products.