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Hyatt Center Kiosk

A kiosk system specially designed to present the unique features of the Hyatt Center building, and available Irvine Company Office Properties customer spaces in the building.

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Services: Web Design, Touchscreen/Kiosk Design, UX Interface Design, Web Development

(While employed at SoftMirage Inc) The Irvine Company Office Properties needed a touchscreen kiosk designed for their leasing officers to use during suite tours to sell their office floors. They wanted the design to reflect the unique shape of the building - a specific oval shape. I designed the top arch of the header and the active states of the bottom navigation to adopt the exact same degree of the arch of the building. Using the standards of UX design, I made sure that all clickable items and buttons were large for easy viewing and tapping. On certain pages, I added a javascript fade-in to items to create a more interesting feeling when navigating from page to page. The Customer Photography pages use a custom Dropbox API to pull in specific images straight from Dropbox, and filtered through galleries specific to the filename. This allows the Hyatt Center marketing team to dynamically add in their own photos whenever they wish. There is also a cron running for the galleries which updates every night.