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Clifford Sutrisno

The portfolio for automotive photographer, Clifford Sutrisno, spotlighting a number of photos from his recreational and editorial shoots.

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Services: Branding/Identity, Web Design, Web Development, Content Management System

Clifford has been photographing cars for several years, with clients ranging from friends and family to Lexus and Range Rover. He needed a website showcasing photos from his favorite and best shoots. He also needed a simple, typographic logo to use on the website. I chose to use a condensed, sans serif font for his logo, with contrasting weights on his first and last name. The color scheme is mostly black with accents of white to help bring out all of his photos. The home page features one large photo, and the gallery pages bring up the selected photo in a lightbox, further emphasizing the photo as the rest of the page is dimmed in a black overlay.

Clifford also needed a way to add in all the photos and content himself, without having to contact me everytime he wants to showcase a new shoot. I created a custom content management system for him to easily manage his albums and photos, and also have control to change out the photo that is featured on his home page.